Winery Kögl Styria $


Silvia said:

A Buschenschank is kind of restaurant of an agricultural enterprise where the farmer serves only his own products. Usually these are cold dishes, so no cooking is done. They are of course very popular on weekends, but they are also partly open during the week.

Southern Styria is famous for its wine route and Buschenschänke. More and more these establishments are offering vegan options, so that you don’t have to drink the wine so dry…

We were in the Kögl Winery and had a great time and good wine, if you like it lively order from the classic category, but there are also always mature and special wines to taste. The food was tasty and very fresh, the wine so refreshing and the view spectacular…

To get an idea about other wineries with vegan options there is this website, sadly only in German:

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