Voglhaus – Café and Department Store $


Silvia said:

Constance is the largest town on lake Constance and it is here where the South begins. In the summer, they say, it already looks like the Mediterranean with a great view at the Alps. Everybody lives outside and enjoys the river, the lake, and the old town with their little cafés and restaurants. It is a great city for a visit and if you like to gamble, there is a casino close by. But don’t forget to pack your best suit and posh dress.

You find the café and department store Voglhaus in the pedestrian zone. It’s not named after a bird house, it’s named after its owner Martina Vogl who created the smallest department store in the world. The Voglhaus consists of only two rooms. The café looks small but warm and cozy. Food and drinks have to be ordered at the bar. All what they offer is organic and sustainable.

The small selection of dishes are very well labelled and purely plant-based options are no problem. They know their dishes and recommend the best for you. The deserts and cakes looked very yummy. Most of them are made with margarine, but we discovered some without. Their coffee is specially roasted for the Voglhaus and the cakes are delicious.

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