Soya Cantine Bio $$


Annemieke said:

This restaurant has a few OMS proof options (not all because they use coconut milk and cheese). The food is organic, fresh and tasteful. I chose a vegan antipasta as a starter which really made me happy!! (Hummus, vegetable dips eggplant, zucchini, red capsicum, olives mushrooms seeds, sprouts, thinly sliced marinated tofu & raw vegetables).

They also had a dessert which met the OMS rules. (desserts in my opinion is the most difficult part of the menu as often chocolate and coconut products are used). I was so focussed on the food that I forgot to make pictures:-) Only one from the dessert (vegan patisserie: 4 choices, 1 was OMS proof).  Next time I visit this restaurant I will make some more pictures:-)

The staff is very friendly: they even made a phone call to the cook who made the patisserie in the afternoon to check if/which oil was used in the patisserie!

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