Serpentine Bar & Kitchen $$


Silvia said:

The Serpentine Bar & Kitchen is in the middle of Hyde Park right at the lake with a great outdoor terrace to relax when the sun is shining. We got in the restaurant one morning for a warming tea. Porridge sounded pretty good and warming too but the guy at the ordering counter said it was made with milk. When he saw my mildly disappointed face he went to the chef asking for options. I had the choice between water and soy milk. That means the chefs make the dishes fresh on order and I never tasted such a delicious porridge in my live, not that I am an expert in porridge as s Swiss…

The menu shows plenty of vegan and gluten free options and I am sure they would change what they can to make other dishes vegan. The atmosphere is very casual, you choose first your table, take a memory picture of the number on your table and order at the counter. The staff will serve you when the dish is ready.

What a great pit stop after a refreshing jog around the lake. We will come back in summer time to enjoy a relaxing lunch.

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