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Silvia said:

Brugge has a great historic old town. It is a town with many canals, bridges, churches, restaurants, shops and breweries. Brugge is well worth a visit, but it is not easy to find a place that serves plant-based food. Fortunately, we were able to find restaurant Réliva.

When we entered Réliva, all tables were reserved and the owner told us that tonight they are testing their new seasonal menu and would only accept a small number of guests. When we asked for another restaurant with vegan options, he went to the kitchen to talk to the chef and came back with the offer of a table for us. He explained, because there are no other options for us in town, they would be happy for us to test their new menu too. What luck!

As it turned out, the restaurant offers a mix of creative and modern plant-based dishes along with meat options.  Our dishes were extremely tasty, and from what we saw, all of the vegan options looked fantastic. The chef is not plant-based, but she is very interested in exploring the vegan world and has obviously spent a good amount of time in her research and in crafting her skill.

All of the wines and beers (a popular item in Belgium) are vegan. The service personnel are also well-trained and willing to help with wine or beer offerings – even though wine recommendations accompany all menu items. Overall, the menu is not big, but it is freshly made and seasonal – a major bonus! We were extremely lucky to find this place. We offer our highest praise and recommendation if you find yourself in this beautiful city!

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Mechtild says:

What a wonderful story of humanity.