Portershed Cafe $


Karin said:

In a city full of Cafe’s it was great to find one that catered for only vegetarians and vegans. As in most places in NZ, the coffee is fantastic. Most cafe’s will offer soya milk, but Portershed offers a wide range of nut milks (soya, macadamia, cashew etc) making life a little more interesting.

The food is a mixture of traditional Kiwi-centric classics, such as “sausage rolls” with a filling made from tofu, rice and lentils (see the photo), to more contemporary vegan soups and main dishes. I was treated to a wonderful leak and potato soup flavoured with (at least what my tastebuds thought) roasted sesame and cumin seeds.

It was a delight to be able to choose from a full menu of soups, mains and snacks suitable for vegans, vegetarians and those on the OMS diet.

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