Osteria dei sapori perduti $$


Silvia said:

Modica is a very old town nestling within steep hills. The center of the town lies in the valley below. Modica is the town on Sicily where the first chocolate factory of Europe, fattojo del ciccolatto (today called Antica Dolceria Bonajuto), opened 1820 its doors.

Osteria dei sapori perduti means the Osteria of the lost flavors. It is a small family business focusing on traditional dishes and flavors from the past and using seasonal and local produce. The menu comes with pictures of the ingredients because the local dialect is difficult to understand. It is very much home cooking and family style service. It is not a vegan restaurant by any means, but there were enough vegan options from the „Primi“ section to leave us satisfied. If you don’t mind pasta made with an egg, the choices are wider. All the „Secondi“ are, of course, meat dishes, as is traditional in Italy. Try the Gelo from the „Dolci“ section. It’s something between a granita and a sorbet.

We had tomato salad with capers, celery and fennel. The orange fennel salad with olives was not available because it was out of season. Jack’s pasta with tomato and eggplant sauce was very good. My broad bean dish with Lolli (a kind of big trofie pasta) was very interesting and I liked it very much. For a gluten free option they have a lentil dish on the menu. We were here at lunchtime and the place fills up very quickly.

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