NENI Langstrasse $$


Silvia said:

From the main train station in Zürich, it is simple to take a stroll along the famous Bahnhofstrasse all the way to the lake. Alternatively, you can easily experience one of Zürich’s newest trendy districts called Europa Allee, with shops, bars and plenty of restaurants (you won’t get lost here because Google has their main European offices in this area). The district stretches all the way to another famous street in Zürich called Langstrasse, where you will find more bars and restaurants…plus much more that I shouldn’t discuss here. Just as you reach Langstrasse, you will notice a new hotel called 25hours. Adjacent to the main entrance of the hotel is NENI restaurant.

This trendy location fills quickly, so you will need to reserve a table ahead of time…and, you will only have 2 hours to complete your meal. The time limit actually feels right, plus there are plenty of bars in the area to visit if you are not with the entertainment.

NENI specializes in serving dishes from the Middle East, with a focus on Israel, although there are some confused additions from Japan and Korea as well. The setting and servings of food emphasize a sharing environment, much like Mezze offerings. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable; they are more than happy to recommend vegan dishes or suggesting menu items that can be made vegan (the green V on the menu card means vegetarian instead of Vegan).

The tables are placed close together, so don’t expect too much privacy. The central and open kitchen is nice – especially in Switzerland where this is not so common.

An order of multiple mezze from the menu is normally enough to fill you up…and this gives you a good chance to experience many flavors.

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