Muryoko-in Koyasan Shojin-ryori $$


Mechtild said:

Shojinryori is traditional Japanese vegan food served in Buddhist temples in Koyasan for dinner and breakfast. The traditional Koyasan vegetarian Dinner is with Miso soup, rice and tea, additional Koyasan Goma-tofu (tofu made with sesame seeds) and kudzu is served.
I was there during several seasons. Dishes are selected according to the seasons.

These places are temple lodges. Besides bed and breakfast, you can reserve a vegetarian (vegan) dinner with miso soup, rice, tofu, soya sauce, various vegetables, condiments. Early in the morning (ca.6a.m.) is a Buddhist service, where the guests can assist.

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Pam says:

This place looks so good. I am visiting Japan in april – not sure if this city is on our travel plan, fingers crossed it is.
Thank you for the photos – I enjoyed them immensely.

Mechtild says:

Koyasan (Mount Koya) is a small temple town which developed around the Shingon sect’s headquarter. Shingon Buddhism was introduced to Japan by Kobo Daishi (also Kukai) in 805 a famous religious figure.

There are about 50 temples where you can stay over night, experience vegan monk’s cuisine (shojin ryori) for dinner and breakfast, and can also assist the morning prayers around a purifying fire around 6 am.

During daytime you can stroll around the many temples and the graveyards within a forest of giant Cryptomeria (not so correctly called Japanese cedar). The tomb stones comprise also historical figures.

Linda says:

I will be going to Mt Koya in April and really excited to check it out!

Mechtild says:

Wonderful! If you know where and when to stay overnight, better reserve. April is one of the high seasons.