Momi Gelateria Artigianale $


Jack said:

I’ve had some very tasty sorbets during past visits throughout Italy. Many of the sorbets I tried were delicious, refreshing and very similar to eating the actual fruit.

We came across Momi while simply walking around Sorrento. It was a warm evening and we were looking for something refreshing. Fortunately, we literally stumbled into the sign (but that’s another story) that claimed all fresh ingredients, using only seasonal products and without any additive or aroma. Perfect! Like many Gelaterias in Italy, the focus is on ice cream but there are also sorbets to be found…and sorbets in Italy only contain fruit, water and sugar. Momi had four flavors of sorbet to offer: Lemon (what else would you expect in Sorrento?), Strawberry, Mango and Melon. We had a scoop of each served in little paper cups, which is standard fare for those following a vegan diet. Once we tasted the sorbets, the verdict came without hesitation – these were first class sorbets – especially the melon sorbet!

So if you find yourself wandering the main pedestrian street in central Sorrento, be sure to stop at Momi and treat yourself to an excellent sorbet or granita (a type of sorbet, but with slightly larger ice crystals) – you won’t be disappointed and you will be refreshed!

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