La Colubrina $$


Karin said:

We struck gold! Wonderful food, friendly and helpful staff, nice atmosphere – a must visit for vegans.

The menu (with English) is not just vegan but the mouth-watering vegan options come first; more traditional Italian offerings (incl. some fish) come second. The idea being to introduce people to the plant-eating world.

The chef has been vegan for 5 years and she and our friendly English-speaking waitress were interested in how long I had been vegan and in what My Fresh Attitude Guide was about.

I had no concerns with my savoury dishes and asked which desserts had coconut in them – quite a few but I still had a choice without coconut! Asking about ingredients in general would not be a problem.

We left feeling we had been out for a meal…do you know what I mean? A lovely meal without wondering if we would find something we could eat or that met our requirements. These folks care about food – absolute gold:)

Hours: Tu-Sa 9.30-15.00 and 19.30-00.00, Mo 9.30-15.00, and So 10.00-15.00 and 19.30-00.00

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