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Jack said:

Alto Adige (or South Tirol as it’s also known) is Italy with a Germanic touch. This is a place you will hear Italians speaking German with a comfort known only to those who grew up speaking the language.

This alpine region is inviting for hikes, wine tasting and pure relaxation. The traditional dishes are common offerings found throughout all mountain regions: lots of cured meats, butter, cream and cheese are the ingredients most commonly used in preparing meals or snacks. These popular offerings are everywhere and alternatives are difficult to find. But, this should not be a reason to avoid this beautiful northern corner of Italy because there are locations springing up that cater to other interests.

The ‘Biotique’ Hotel La Vimea in Naturns is a calm and relaxing oasis. (The term ‘Biotique’ is one they came up with and something we like). The natural outdoor pool dominates the beautiful and private gardens, and is quite inviting during a warm summer spell. And if the weather turns sour…or if the natural pool conditions are not for you, then you will be overjoyed to visit their indoor saltwater pool – a great place to work in a few laps. Contributing to the spa-like environment is a quiet chamber just steps away from the indoor pool. This is a great place to chill, enjoy the lights, breathe in the aromas and slip into a meditative trance. Morning yoga or specialty massages are options available to guests from the onsite Ayurveda therapist.

The hotel rooms are big, modern, cozy and elegantly simple. The beautiful wood interiors are tasteful. The beds are big and comfortable…and adorned with organic sheets and duvets. The views take in the considerable mountains rising out of the valley or the beautiful and calm gardens. The owners have done a wonderful job of embracing a vegan lifestyle and creating a slick and modern hotel. We immediately felt comfortable during the check-in process, which was friendly and welcoming in every sense.

Most guests, including ourselves, elect to dine onsite. Breakfasts are served in a traditional buffet-style setting common throughout Europe. They are plentiful and offered a wide range of food – everything from fresh fruit, to cereals and pastry, to vegetables or on-demand tofu scramble. Lunch or snacks could be requested for those staying put at the hotel, or even for those venturing out for a hike. The dinners were set menus involving four courses, served outside in the gardens during nice weather. The wines were all organic and vegan. Most were local, but some were from the owners’ Tuscan vineyard – featuring a delicious and refreshing white wine.

It is refreshing to know these types of hotels and Inns are beginning to pop up throughout Europe. This is the second hotel from these owners – the other located in San Giminiano Tuscany. It is great to travel freely and stay in places that embrace a lifestyle that we share. We loved this place and would highly recommend it to anyone passing through this area…or even for those wishing to stay here longer and enjoy the natural beauty that surrounds this part of Italy.

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