Grater Goods $$


Karin said:

Grater Goods is a vegan delicatessen and bistro in Christchurch, New Zealand, specialising in fine vegan meats and cheeses. Read more about these wonderful people on the website.

The location is a little off the beaten track in a light industrial looking area. You might go past and wonder where you’re going but backtracking and paying a bit more intention will absolutely be rewarded once you are safely inside.

Firstly, it’s all vegan, so no need to check for dairy and the like. Secondly, the lovely waiter and chef coped with my coconut questions and worked out if they could sub something else for for me, and they could.

We were so thrilled with our brunch that we booked to go back for dinner the same day! It was an oasis. I would absolutely go back if in Christchurch again. The carrot lox was a game changer.

Some of their deli products are availably in NZ stores – check under ‘Shipping’ on the website.

(It has wheelchair access)

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