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Silvia said:

Market Square in Zurich Oerlikon is one of several locations where farmer’s markets take place twice a week. In Oerlikon the market days are Wednesday and Saturday from 7am to 12am. It is easy to find, just behind the train station.

Oerlikon’s market square is filled with stalls of fresh veggies and fruits from local farmers and from sellers who import directly from Italy, France or Germany. Some of the products get of course bought at the Engrosmarkt at 4am in Zurich but when you look around you will find lots of local produced seasonal vegetables and fruits as well as fresh bread, lots of cheese, olives, and little nipples to snack on. Many of them sell organic products but I would not hesitate to buy from local producer even if not certified organic.

The market at Saturday offers slightly more than on Wednesday. In case you want to buy fish, meat or you fancy special mushrooms you will find great products on Saturday. When living in Zurich, farmer’s markets offer also a wide variety of flowers and herbs, both for consuming right away or for planting in your own garden.

Oerlikon is where the big event hall ‘Hallenstadion’, the musical hall ‘Theater 11’ and the fair hall ‘Züspa’ are located. If you are in the neighborhood because of a concert or fair show have a look around the market in the morning.

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Karin says:

Locals are so lucky to have this market on their doorstep. We walked around with our mouths open. Quite glad we went with just one bag and a budget or we would have bought one of everything.