Eating House Cookie $$


Silvia said:

Melbourne is a great city to visit, with many different neighborhoods and a sizzling Central Business District (CBD). It’s in this CBD where we found the Eating House and Bar Cookie.

When you go there for the first time, it is easy to miss the entrance to the building at Swanston Street 252. It’s only that first time that you might think you are walking into a hole in the wall. The second time it feels like home. Cookie is on the first floor in this building full of surprises.

Cookie is a fun place. It offers an extensive bar, a sit-down restaurant, where it is best to have a reservation, and a bistro, where you don’t need a reservation, but you should come early. If you are very early, you might get a table on one of the balconies. We had no reservation and got a table in the bistro section. This was just perfect.

The bar menu is huge and offers a lot of vegan options and fish dishes, all very tasty, colorful, and more or less spicy hot. We ordered a sampling of small dishes including dumplings, salads, tofu, steamed vegetables, mussels, ceviche, and rice. Together with a huge Bloody Mary, for which you can choose the spiciness from 1-10, it is the best combination for a fun evening. We chose 4 and 5 out of 10 on the hotness scale for our Bloody Marys and our ears were tingling.

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