Bistrot MOON $$


Silvia said:

Ortigia is a very interesting neighborhood of Syracuse with lots of narrow streets, historic buildings, markets, shops and restaurants. It is easy to spend the whole day in Ortigia and also take a dip in the Mediterranen Sea at the same time.

MOON is an acronym for Move Ortigia Out of Normality. It’s a very interesting place outside and inside. The terrace looks pleasant and is wheelchair accessible.  However, the toilette inside isn’t, as there are some steps. The menu for lunch is different from the dinner one. We were there for lunch. My Caprese Salad was not as I expected it to be. There were slices of ripe yellow pears with a puree of almonds. It tasted amazing, and was such a clever combination. Jack’s Caponata was very well made and also tasty. I’m not much of a tempeh fan, but I decided to order the tempeh dish anyway. It came with pistachio nuts and a little salad. It was again very tasty and the nuts added an extra element. The peanut butter cheese cake was yummy and the Turkish chocolate salami very sweet and almost too much for one person. The staff members are very friendly. They know all the ingredients and speak English as well. MOON is organizes live music events and special cocktail hours in the evenings.

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