When you are traveling, a whole food plant-based lifestyle can become tricky, as places to eat, shop and stay can be hard to find.  We invite you to share your positive experiences and reviews of spots to eat, stay and shop, and we hope you find new and exciting destinations for your own next trip.

A whole food plant-based lifestyle is for many of us the way to go.  This is because it is delicious, or we want to stay healthy, or it provides a different approach to overcoming complex health issues. Some of us may occasionally include fish, while others will avoid altogether certain ingredients such as gluten and oil.  This guide concentrates mainly on a whole food plant-based lifestyle with some twists.

In contrast to many other reviewing sites, ours focuses only on positive reviews.  We do include fish, simply to widen our options when eating out.  We also focus on specific cooking methods and we are very picky about fats and oils. Please refer to our guidelines for more specifications before submitting your review.